Rich, Hearty and Organic!

Beetroot is a buzz word at the moment. Yet we’ve been bottling organic beetroot juice here in Suffolk for over fourteen years! Sweeter than you might think, our beet juice makes a deliciously flavoursome drink.

Beet It Organic beetroot juice is blended with 10% apple juice to smooth the earthy aftertaste of beetroot and with less sugar than your standard fruit juices, a glass of beetroot juice provides an even more enriching start to the day.

Beetroot juice is such a good natural source of dietary nitrate that the scientific research community now use it for almost all their research into the benefits of nitrate supplementation. There have been more than 250 studies worldwide so far, often using our Beet It juice for research purposes.

What are the benefits of nitrate? What is the excitement about? Nitrate interacts with enzymes in saliva to generate nitric oxide (NO) in the blood system. NO is a vasodilator that increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles which has a positive effect on reducing high blood pressure and enhancing stamina. We’ll drink to that!

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